Free Online Homebuyer Class with 200.00 Coupon

For each home we sell during the month of November, 2012, we will make a $500.00 donation to the American Red Cross!!

Hurricane Sandy has ravished parts of the North-East and Mid Atlantic. Many are in need!

If you are looking for a property to move into soon or have one you would like to sell through our program(s) please visit our website to view property listings or to enroll your property free of charge and help us make the largest donation possible.

No Bank Qualifying Necessary to Move In and Own
Available on Seller Financing Program

Match the same as one month’s payment down to secure paperwork OR we can even break that up a bit if need be so you can secure now!

Please feel free to contact your preferred Account Executive or write to for continued assistance.

All the best, Account Executives 
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