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Rent 2 Buy Program

Our customized program provides Tenant-Buyers the opportunity to rent a home with an exclusive option to buy.  As you will see this opportunity can be of great benefit and flexibility.

Why Rent 2 Buy?

There are many reasons for renting to buy as opposed to purchasing out right that may include desire to try out a home and/ or location before completing the purchase, time needed to strengthen the ability to obtain financing, uncertainty in future job and/ or location changes, uncertainty in future home needs, size, perhaps due to family growth, etc.

There are many obvious reasons to rent 2 buy instead of plain old renting which include earning of purchase credits, instant access to the home you plan to purchase later and the time you need to better prepare for purchase. Special Features

Tenant-Buyers can move to another home at the end of the term if they decide not to buy the one they are in.  The credits and deposit monies that have been earned can be applied toward the purchase of any of our future inventory of homes.  This allows Tenant-Buyers to upgrade, downgrade, move across town and even eliminates the need to ever rent again!

How it works

1. Choose a home you like from our current inventory of listings.
2. Call or submit a form for the lock-box combinations to be emailed to you so you can go view the properties.
3. Call or submit a form to obtain pricing on any of the properties and/ or to speak with a staff member.
4. Make an appointment with your favorite staff member to enter your offer.
5. Prepare and present the earnest money deposit required. Usually any amount up to the same as a month’s payment will be fine to go in with paperwork.
6. The staff member will explain many flexible options for you to select from to make your offer and will prepare your paperwork.
7. You will sign the papers, fill out the application and your offer will be entered.
8. Once you have been awarded the property you will obtain possession as mentioned in your offer.
9. You will be granted a credit to use towards purchase in addition to your option deposit (usually a percentage of the purchase price).
10. During the last half of the term you may complete the purchase of the property.  If you are ready sooner, let us know and we will try to gain early approval.
11. At time of purchase you will go to a standard closing administered by the title company of your choice. We are also pleased to make recommendations for both preferred lenders and title companies to work with.

We hope you will find our Rent 2 Buy program to be advantageous for your needs. Please check out our inventory of properties here: Available Property Listings

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