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Welcome Buyers!

We offer special programs for properties that are available for Rent 2 Own, Seller Financing or Traditional Sale.  None of the programs have any minimum criteria for qualifying and each application is subject to the individual seller’s approval.  We are pleased to see most approved and it can be just as easy to get into a Rent 2 Own or Seller Financing property as it is to get into a rental!

Rent 2 Own Program

In our Rent 2 Own Program, our flagship program, you are able to rent while earning monthly credits toward your purchase. You may then choose to exercise your option to buy OR apply the credits toward the purchase of another property in our future inventory if at the end of the term you decide to upgrade, downgrade, move across town or are simply not ready to complete your purchase. The Rent 2 Own Program certainly gives a lot of flexibility and is an outstanding choice over standard renting.   Learn More

Seller Financing Program

Our Seller Financing Program, on the other hand, is a MUCH enhanced version of the original Rent 2 Own.  It allows you to own the property immediately, lock in today’s price and write off your interest payments on your taxes, resulting in a huge savings for most! With such great and flexible terms, it is generally found to be a far superior way to own a property!  Learn More

Open Market Program

When we do not have a property available in the area you are looking for, turn to our Open Market Program.  Learn More

Traditional Sale Program

Our Traditional Sale Program offers properties that may be purchased outright with cash or bank financing.  Buyers wishing to complete a traditional purchase should obtain a Lender Approval Letter or be prepared to pay cash.  Contact your preferred Account Executive for further assistance. If you do not have cash or bank financing, choose from our Rent 2 Own or Seller Financing Programs. JK Scott Authentic Jersey