Free Online Homebuyer Class with 200.00 Coupon Buyer Class

Thank you for joining us today! After watching the video below, please be sure to use the links beneath to download your $200.00 coupon, complete a full Buyer Profile form (if you haven’t already) and visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Enjoy!

**PAGE UPDATE: Our Seller Financing is currently limited to non-owner-occupied buyers. If you plan to use the property as your primary residence, 2nd home or vacation home, and while we work to update our buyer class, please consider our Rent 2 Buy Program**

Learning About our Programs

Download your $200.00 coupon!

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About our Invite a Friend Program:

Use the above “Invite a Friend” form so that your friends who might be interested can learn about our programs and be sure to get their coupon. Additionally, we will give you a $200.00 credit for every friend you refer who is awarded a program property. There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite and $200.00 credits you can earn. Like the buyer class coupon, you can use these credits each applied to reduce a single monthly payment. You just can’t use more than one in any month. Whether you are an existing program buyer or plan to be one in the future, you can start inviting friends now and we will never allow your friend credits to expire!

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