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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Buyers

    Q: Are you available to meet to discuss the different programs & options?

    Yes, you may click here to schedule a meeting or contact your local Account Executive. We welcome you to come in or schedule a phone conference to go over all of the great benefits provided by our programs.

    Q: How long is the standard term for a Rent 2 Buy or Seller Financing Property?

    Terms generally range anywhere from 1 to 10+ years. Most available properties already have a certain length of term assigned and some have flexible lengths of term where you get to choose. If you prefer a term longer than is offered, you may offer with a longer term to see if it can be approved.

    Q: If I am in the Rent to Buy Program can I upgrade to the Seller Financing for the property I am in and what are the advantages?

    At any time during a rent to buy you can offer to upgrade to our Seller Financing Program subject to Titleholder acceptance. Titleholders commonly welcome the upgrade. By upgrading, you will instantly begin receiving tax advantages, you will lock in the price and you may even be able to claim a tax write-off on the rent credits that are then converted to closing costs. See our Seller Financing page for more information and more benefits.

    Q: May I begin to escrow funds toward a deposit prior to entering an offer?

    YES! You may arrange a payment plan and begin to save funds for a deposit. This will be interest free and can be refunded at any time less processing fees should you decide not to offer on a property or are not awarded after placing an offer.

    Q: Will I get future financing from

    A: While you may choose to go anywhere for permanent financing, your Account Executive will be happy to recommend an affiliated lender who we believe will provide superior mortgage consulting, then serve to originate and process your mortgage loan when you are ready. We highly recommend consulting with a loan officer early in your term to become educated in the many different mortgage options available, figure out what is right for you and help ensure your success in positioning yourself to achieve your goal. We are also happy to make a referral to a great lender if you are ready to purchase a home now using conventional financing or need to complete an existing home refinance. Click Here to request a Consultation.

    Q: How may I go see the properties you have listed on the site?

    To go see our properties click here to obtain the lockbox combination and viewing instructions immediately or contact your local Account Executive. You may then let yourself in to view or arrange viewing as instructed.

    Q: Is the Seller Financing option more difficult to qualify for than the Rent 2 Buy?

    No! Neither program has any minimum criteria for qualifying and each application is subject to the individual seller's approval. We are pleased to see most approved!

    Q: How much do I need down in order to secure paperwork for the Seller Financing or Rent 2 Buy? and what happens to my deposit if my offer or application is not accepted?

    You can secure paperwork with the same as a month's payment down OR we can even break that up if need be so you can be sure to secure paperwork now! If you are not awarded or approved your deposit will be promptly refunded or can be applied towards an offer on another property.

    Q: Can I offer on more than one property at the same time?

    You may complete paperwork to offer on more than one property at the same time but can only have one live offer going at a time. If we determine you will not be awarded on your first choice then we will automatically enter your next choice.

    Q: Do I work with the Titleholder or with a Account Executive to secure the property?

    It is important that you work only with a Account Executive as we will properly educate you on the program details, go over all of your options and will be able to take care of all the paperwork for you to secure the property. When a property is not vacant, we may have you contact the Titleholder or temporary occupant to arrange a time to see it. The only responsibility of the Titleholder or temporary occupant is to show you the property and it is required that they not discuss any program details or terms. Sometimes sellers may be confused and may incorrectly try to assist you. This is in violation of their agreement with the program and will likely have adverse effects. If ever you are in question, contact your Account Executive.

    Q: When I am interested in securing a property, what is the next step?

    Notify your preferred Account Executive as soon as possible to schedule a time to meet. If you don't have a preferred Account Executive you may contact the Account Executive mentioned in the listing. We will go over your options, terms and take care of the necessary paperwork necessary to secure the property. Deposit funds will need to be certified if you wish to lock in your offer the same day and should be made out to Infinite Business Systems, Inc. Escrow Account or as directed by your Account Executive.

    Q: What if I cannot find a property I like in the Program listings but wish to Rent to Buy, Purchase or do Seller Financing on another property as if it were in your Programs?

    Utilize our OPEN MARKET PROGRAM to do a Rent 2 Buy or Seller Financing for a home that is currently for Sale or Rent outside of our programs.

    Q: I still have questions that are not answered, what should I do?

    Click here to submit your question. To discuss program options in greater detail click here to set an appointment or contact your preferred Account Executive.

  2. Sellers

The term Licensee refers to a company specially licensed to operate with The term Account Executive or A/E refers to an individual Sales Rep of a Licensee. If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Business or an Account Executive, click here.

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